John Cortez

John Cortez

Educational Consultant
Phone: (602) 564-7366

Assist. Superintendent
Dir. Of Budget and Finance ADE
School Improvement Specialist ADE
“Turn-Around” Principal

Specialties include administrative leadership development, instructional coaching, grant writing, review and compliance, school improvement initiatives (needs assessment, LCIP, SCIP, implementation and evaluation)

John brings over 29 years of experience in educational field in both traditional and charter schools. He has taught elementary, secondary, post-secondary level courses. Including serving as cooperating teacher for ASU, U of A, NAU and Ottawa Universities. His administrative experience has been in being a high school principal, school improvement specialist for ADE and director for Budget and Finance for ADE School Improvement and Intervention Unit (reviewing and approving grants), and team leader for new charter applications for the AZ Board of Charter Schools.

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