Who We Are
ReSolutions knows what it’s like to run a charter school – because we’ve been there in the trenches doing just that. Founded in 2002 by one of Arizona’s pioneer charter school operators, we know what it’s like to educate challenging, hard-to-reach students while at the same time juggling the administrative and reporting demands that confound even the most skilled and determined employee. Our staff of professionals is prepared to ease the burden from your shoulders and let you enjoy running a charter school again. Among our talented staff are…

Patricia Shaw - Chief Executive Officer
Patricia has been an integral part of Arizona’s charter school landscape since the first charter schools opened in 1995. As part of that original group of charter school operators, Patricia knows all of the intricacies of opening and operating a charter school. As a past president of the Arizona Charter Schools Association she knows what charter school operators need and want from an education services provider. She founded ReSolutions in 2002 and oversees all operations.
Danielle Pollard - Director of Accounting
Danielle oversees all financial management operations at ReSolutions, as well as providing financial services to charter school clients. Danielle and her staff can assist your school with records management, accounting, and payroll services.
Lynn Howard - Special Education Coordinator
Lynn has been overseeing special education services at ReSolutions since 2002. Among her responsibilities are oversight of federal and state reporting, special ed records compliance, and file maintenance. Under Lynn’s guidance, ReSolutions can provide your school with any and all special education services, from assessing school needs to managing service providers.
Erik Hendrix - Psychologist
Erik has provided school psychological services for ReSolutions clients since 2002. In this capacity he conducts initial evaluations and reevaluations, attends MET meetings, plays a supporting role in the development of IEPs, assists in the development of behavioral plans, and provides ongoing support for staff members who have special education questions. Upon request, he also provides counseling services to students.
Jan Krygier - Grant Specialist / Sales and Marketing
Jan is the ReSolutions grant specialist. She is also the editor of the Charter School Monthly, Arizona’s only charter school publication, and the annual Charter School Directory of Arizona. She has worked for more than 30 years in communications and education as a writer, editor, and teacher.